Weekly Jan Sampark - Public Access Meeting on Weekends from 9:30am till Last Visitor

Weekly Mass Contact Programme - Public Access Meeting

Mr Gurudas Kamat meets with his constituents and people from all over Mumbai and from different parts of Maharashtra on the weekends (Saturday’s and Sunday’s) from 9:30 AM till the last visitor has had the opportunity to meet him, which goes on sometimes till 2:00 pm. His reputation as a “DOER” and his helpful nature to reach out and give justice to whoever reaches him and a “Never Say NO” attitude has resulted in large crowds being seen at these weekly or the Area Wise such Programs. The Schedule for the upcoming week is posted on the website by every Wednesday evening. One can sign up to receive the schedule as an sms update via the website. The weekly schedule is also posted on Social Media on Mr Kamat’s Facebook Page and Twitter.

Ward-wise Mass Contact Programmes

Mr Gurudas Kamat undertook Ward-wise Mass Contact Programmes on an annual basis in every single one of 39 wards in the Mumbai North West Parliamentary Constituency during his term. The citizens of the area where the Mass Contact Programme were to be held, were informed more than a week in advance through SMS campaign and by distributing Pamphlets in Multiple Languages (HINDI MARATHI English ). The citizens of the area brought their respective petitions on the day of the Meet and discussed the same in person with the Hon’ble MP at a pre-decided location in the Ward. Immediate action within 24 hours was taken by referring the matter brought to the Hon’ble MP to the concerned agencies. Certain matters are taken up by the Gurudas ji by direct phone calls to the concerned Officer in the presence of the Petitioner. This ‘’ CAN DO ‘’ attitude of Shri Gurudas Kamat has adhered him to the Public, who flocked in large numbers to these Meets.

Mobile Van – Your MP at your Door Step

Mobile Van for the citizens – Aapke Khaasdaar Apke Dwaar/Your MP on your Doorstep A first of its kind, a mobile van was commissioned by Shri Gurudas Kamat and inaugurated at the hands of then CM of Maharashtra Shri Ashok Chavan on Feb 18, 2010. The van was posted in various parts of the Constituency throughout the week. A set schedule is followed for this van to be in public access areas such as societies, railway stations, markets etc. The citizens could discuss their grievances and submit their letters/ representations through this mobile office for Mr. Kamat. Action was promptly taken on representations received via this medium as well.