Initiatives and Accomplishments for Mumbai: Conserving Environment and Preserving Open Green Spaces

Piped Gas Project
One of the pioneers of new initiatives, Mr. Kamat through his continuous efforts worked for bringing Piped Gas to Mumbai Households. Clean and safe, developing a green Mumbai, this initiative resulted in sanction and implementation of Rs 450 Crore Piped Gas to nearly five lakh families from Chembur to Mulund in the first phase benefiting nearly 25 lakh people and then to other parts of Mumbai including Mumbai North West where presently connections are being given.


Solar Energy Development
As the Chairman of the Standing Committee of Energy in Parliament, Mr Kamat had taken the initiative to ensure usage of more and more renewable energy like Wind and Solar all over the country. The recommendations of his committee were accepted by Government of India and Rs 90,000 crore Solar Mission was announced by the UPA Government.


At the state level, as President of Mumbai Congress, Mr Kamat had led a delegation to the then Chief Minister Shri Vilas Rao Deshmukh to issue directions to the BMC and all other Municipal Corporations in the State to make it mandatory for all new buildings (Commercial/Residential) for putting in place Solar Panels to ensure reduction of usage in conventional energy. He had further pleaded with CM Shri Ashok Chavan to reduce property taxes through the Municipal Corporations so people residing in old building could be motivated to adopt solar energy. These recommendations have now been accepted by the Government and necessary notifications issued, and Solar Connectivity for Commercial Buildings has now been made compulsory. Mr. Kamat is still pursuing the matter related to private residential buildings.


Water Conservation
As part of his efforts for conservation and effective utilization of our water resources, Mr. Kamat has recommended to the BMC, usage of recycled water for purposes of gardening, construction etc. as per the model used in New Delhi. This will ensure that precious drinking water is conserved thus helping solve the water woes of Mumbaikars. These recommendations are being pursued by Mr. Kamat.


Preserving Green Spaces in Mumbai
Mr. Gurudas Kamat has always been sensitive to preservation of Gardens, Playgrounds, and recreation grounds and has always encouraged the same by utilizing MPLAD funds as well as through his MLAs. In 2003, when he was the Mumbai Congress President, he took a delegation of MLAs, Municipal Councillors and Party leaders to then Municipal Commissioner and then CM Shri VilasRao Deshmukh expressing concern over the “Take-Over” strategy of some Political Leaders of Mumbai Gardens, Playgrounds and Recreation Grounds on grounds of maintenance of the same and then slowly converting them into commercial ventures by converting them into Clubs or charging huge amounts from local people for utilizing the same. Mr. Kamat persuaded the then CM Shri VilasRao Deshmukh to “STAY” such decisions by the Municipal Corporation and allow free access to the people of Mumbai to these Open Spaces. Subsequent efforts of various pressure groups on next CM Shri Ashok Chavan were resisted by Mr. Kamat’s vociferous opposition and he succeeded in ensuring that the “STAY” continues till date and open spaces remain accessible to the AAM -Mumbaikar.