Initiatives and Accomplishments for Mumbai: Housing

Low Cost Housing for Middle and Low income families

A home is a dream of every family living in Mumbai. Mr. Kamat agitated to ensure flat prices of MHADA should always be sold at cost+ Administrative Charges (No Profit) which will benefit thousands of flat applicants to get housing at affordable rates. When the then CEO and VP MHADA Mr Chandrashekhar unilaterally announced a hike in the rates of MHADA flats, Mr. Kamat agitated with the then CM Shri Vilas Rao Deshmukh by taking all MLA’s along and protesting that MHADA Act did not provide for any profiteering and the Board was only entitled Cost of Construction plus Administrative Cost. The three hour meeting ended with Mr. Chandrashekhar being dispensed with one of his responsibilities that very evening and it ended with Mr. Chandrashekhar’s resignation.

He continued his fight for the rights of low and medium income families, agitated and got approved FSI of 2.5 for each building to promote and ensure re-development of MHADA Colonies in Aram Nagar and DN Nagar in Versova, Shastri Nagar in Goregaon, Tilak Nagar in Chembur, Pant Nagar in Ghatkopar and Kannamwar Nagar in Vikhroli and other MHADA Colonies all over Mumbai which will benefit thousands of families to get bigger accommodation.

Slum Free Mumbai – A Dream
To accommodate growing families of the slum dwellers, Shri Kamat agitated and got approved flat area increase from 225 sq ft to 360 sq ft built up area under the slum rehabilitation scheme to ensure bigger tenements and thus promote a slum free Mumbai.



Deemed Conveyance
Conveyance of land from Government or builder to the housing societies is an outstanding issue affecting thousands of societies across Mumbai. Mr. Kamat has consistently fought for ensuring the dream of clear ownership comes to the residents of these societies. His efforts started when he took over as the Mumbai Congress President in the year 2003. Continuing his fight for the rights of these societies, this issue was included in the Congress Campaign Manifesto of 2007 BMC elections. This was achieved when the Government announced the Rules for Deemed Conveyance on 28th September 2010. More than 23,000 Societies, where lakhs of people reside, will benefit.




Nagri Nivara
Also, in the campaign of 2009 Lok Sabha election, while contesting from Mumbai North-West, Gurudas Kamat promised the Citizens of Nagri Nivara, in Goregaon East (6500 Flats), who had been struggling to get their conveyance deed and property cards done for 29 years, that if elected he will ensure the conveyance within a year. A task that was incomplete for last 29 years leading to lack of clear title for these residents, Mr Kamat through his determined initiative ensured that conveyance was done before his first year in office was over.

In a grand function on April 11th, 2010, the collector handed the conveyance deeds at the hands of the CM, Shri Ashok Rao Chavan to Nagri Nivara Societies.


CRZ Relaxation for Redevelopment
The much needed redevelopment work of many societies across Mumbai such as Bangur Nagar in Goregaon, Sardar Vallabhai Patel Nagar in Versova alongwith development of certain key roads and infrastructure have been affected by the CRZ regulations thus affecting fisherman colonies (koliwadas) and other poor and middle income families. Mr. Kamat is pursuing the relaxation of the CRZ rules, in order for these colonies to get authorization for development. Relaxation of CRZ Rules, after very many years, will benefit lakhs of families.



Gulmohar Society, Versova
Through his committed efforts, Shri Gurudas Kamat helped the Gulmohar Society residents of about 200 flats, to get the reduced pricing for the homes purchased from MHADA upto a value of 50 Crores plus reduced interest. The residents had been struggling for last 15 years with the Government for the same.