Initiatives and Accomplishments for Mumbai: Infrastructure and Transport

Upgrade of Suburban Train Services

From his 1st election in 1984, Mr. Kamat had realised that majority of the citizens of Mumbai utilized the Suburban Train services for daily travel to their work places and back, apart from the BEST services. He had therefore concentrated on ensuring better train services and fully supported and followed up with the Central Government, the Mumbai Urban Transport Project- Phase-II which was conceived to upgrade road, rail and water transport for the City. Through this project he pursued and ensured the implementation of two additional tracks between Kurla and Thane, better signalling systems, additional Rakes for Mumbai suburban sections regularly, to increase the number of train services, implementation of Kurla Terminus, at a cost of Rs 150 Crores when it was completed, which provided facilities of boarding large number of long distance trains from Kurla instead of going all the way to the CST Terminus. This was a boon to Suburban Rail travellers.

He consistently fought for the lengthening of the Platforms to enable 12 coach trains launched on the Central Railway, Western Railway and the Harbour Line, a 25 year struggle which is now seeing completion. He also got 15 coach trains started at the hands of Railway Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on the Western Railway at Andheri Station in his Constituency in 2009, and an announcement of 100 additional train services for the “AAM MUMBAIKAR” to ensure a better life for them as the Suburban Railways is a lifeline of Mumbaikars.

Elevated Railway
At the same meeting in 2009, he made a plea to have an Elevated Railway System for Mumbai for both the Western and the Central Railway to ensure expansion of the Railway Network to ease the problems of the commuters. His consistent follow-up has yielded results and an approximate Rs 43000 Crore Elevated Railway for Mumbai on the Western Railway from Virar to ChurchGate was approved. The Elevated Railway from CST to Panvel and also from CST to Thane had been rejected due to technical reasons and in-spite of the rejection Mr Kamat persisted and got these projects cleared from Central and the State Government. The Chief Minister Shri Prithviraj Chavan acknowledged Mr Kamat’s contribution to getting the Elevated Railway Project for Mumbai in his speech on Saturday April 20th, 2013 at Andheri Sports Complex.

Mr. Kamat has ensured commencement of a number of long distance trains due to his continuous follow up, to meet the demands of Mumbaikars, travelling to the farthest corners in the South, North and Eastern parts of India.



Nahur Railway StationOshiwara Railway StationAndheri Railway StationJogeshwari Railway Station
Long pending demand of Citizens for a railway station between Mulund and Bhandup (Mr. Kamat’s earlier constituency), in view of huge residential colonies that have come up, was met by getting a special sanction after many many years of follow-up and the Station was constructed and then inaugurated at the hands of the Railway Minister Shri E Ahmad.
This long pending demand for a station between Jogeshwari and Goregaon was pursued and got approved by Mr. Kamat. Construction is now on and is likely to be completed by next year as soon as the road over-bridge is complete and is called the Ram Mandir Road Station.
Mr Kamat has been persuading the Ministry of Railways for modernization of Railway Stations upto International Standards. In his earlier term in 1998, he had got included Ghatkopar Station and in the term of 2009-14 he got Andheri station in his new Constituency included in the list of few select stations that have been picked up for modernization.
He has also persuaded the Railway Ministry for better amenities at Jogeshwari Railway Station along with complete roofing cover to protect the commuters from sunlight or rain.
Metro Rail

Mr Kamat through his continuous efforts ensured the sanction and implementation of the Metro Railway (Phase I) costing approximately Rs 4300 Crores from Ghatkopar-Andheri-Versova with viability gap funding of Rs 650 crores from Central Government. The project was inaugurated at the hands of the Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singhji in Ghatkopar (Mr. Kamat’s then constituency). On request of Senior MMRDA and Metro One Officials, regular meetings have been held at Mr. Kamat's offices to resolve issues and the issues have been sorted out for Early Completion of Metro Phase I. Metro I provides a passenger capacity of 17000 passengers per hour per direction. A train will ply every 4 minutes with total journey time of 22 minutes from Versova to Ghatkopar.


Moreover, Mr. Kamat continued his efforts to ensure funding of critical infrastructure projects for Mumbai and especially the growth of the Metro Rail. Through his efforts approval and sanction of Rs 7500 crores Metro railway (Phase II) with viability gap funding of Rs 2300 crores from Central Government has been possible. Hon’ble President of India Smt. Pratibha Patil inaugurated the phase II of Metro in 2009.



Mono Rail
The first of its kind in the country, to enhance clean urban transport, Mr. Kamat’s persistent efforts resulted in the approval and sanction of Mono Rail finally costing Rs 3000 crores to be implemented from Chembur to Jacob Circle. The project was inaugurated in Chembur (Mr. Kamat’s then constituency) at the hands of Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Ashok Chavan.

Mono Rail Phase 1 from Chembur to Wadala was inaugurated on February 1st, 2014 and it was Love at first sight for Mumbaikars. 20,000 people rode it on first day of Operations on February 2nd, 2014 and long queues continue.





Upgrade of Road Transport Across Mumbai
Mr Gurudas Kamat has consistently throughout his tenure worked towards enhancing the road connectivity in Mumbai. People of Mulund, Bhandup, Vikhroli and Ghatkopar (Mr. Kamat’s earlier constituents), had to travel through Chembur to reach Navi Mumbai. Mr. Kamat through his tenacious follow up, got a special bridge sanctioned from the Central Government, worth Rs 75 Crores to connect Mulund directly to Navi Mumbai, thus providing easy access to millions of people residing in these localities.


Besides, he has actively pursued East West Corridor Connectivity with Roads linking Vikhroli with Jogeshwari (now completed), Chembur-SantaCruz (also now Completed) and Mulund-Goregaon Link Road (Pending due to environmental clearances).



Eastern Freeway
Through his continuous perusal and efforts, an Elevated Road now called the Eastern Freeway has been developed by MMRDA for the convenience of Mumbaikars residing in the Eastern Suburbs reducing travel time to South Mumbai greatly. The 14 kms of the 17 km Eastern Freeway was completed on May 24th, 2013. Eastern Freeway comprising of 4 lane 9.29 km is an Elevated Road from Orange Gate on P. D’Melo Road to the beginning of Anik Panjarpol Link Road and 4.3 km road tunnel flyover from Anik to beginning of Panjarpol Ghatkopar Link Road. The cost of all three segments is estimated at Rs 1250 Crores. The 9.29 km Stretch is the longest flyover in Mumbai and 3rd longest flyover in India. The second segment is the 8 lane 5 km long Anik Panjarpol Link Road begins at Bhakti Park and ends near the Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue in Chembur. This stretch required a construction of Mumbai’s first twin tunnel at the footsteps of BARC mountain connecting the Freeway from Wadala to Panjarpol near RK studios in Chembur.


Through Mr. Kamat’s consistent efforts to get changes in the CRZ regulations, so that Mumbai’s Coastal areas can be developed for the benefit of its citizens, Versova -Goregaon Link Road pending for many years, will now be approved due to the recent CRZ notification.


Proposed Coastal Road
Mr Kamat has been actively pursuing the Coastal Road which is a long term solution to traffic woes of Mumbai especially of the Western Suburbs.
Water Transport

Mr. Kamat, realizing the need for various modes of transport for Mumbai citizens, took up the issue of Water Transport with the then Union Surface Transport Minister Shri Rajesh Pilot in 1987 and organized a meeting between him and the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Sharad Pawar and got the necessary approvals for Water Transport connectivity from Nariman Point to Worli to Bandra, to Versova, Malad on the Western side and Nariman Point to Trombay and Navi Mumbai on the Eastern Side. Catemaran services commenced on the eastern side for a few years, but due to environmental issues, the entire project got stalled. Mr. Kamat however persisted with his follow-up and all necessary permissions have now been given by the Ministry of Environment, Government of India and this mode of transport should be available for Mumbai Citizens shortly.