Initiatives and Accomplishments for Mumbai: Kolis and Adivasis of Mumbai

Fishing Harbour for Kolis (Fishermen) at Versova Village
The fishing community are the original inhabitants of Mumbai. Unfortunately, their genuine demands for better infrastructure have been ignored all these years. On a petition from the Versova Fishermen, for a Mini Fishing Harbour to be constructed at Versova, Mr Kamat took up the issue with Central and State Government, and has got Rs 125 Crore Fishing Harbour approved. A team of Department of Fisheries, Government of India and Government of Maharashtra have visited the site and have got the design of the Fishing Harbour approved by the Fishermen. It has now been submitted for Final approval.


International Fish Aquarium at Versova
Mr. Kamat made a demand when the Union Agriculture Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar visited the Fisheries Directorate in Versova for an International level Aquarium to be setup at the Directorate in Versova. The demand was promptly accepted by the Union Minister.


Fight for the underprivileged: Basic Amenities for Adivasis

In a city like Mumbai, which is considered the economic capital of the country, one could not have imagined that there are hamlets of Adivasis who are denied water, sanitation facilities and electricity; till all of them resolved in the election of 2009 to back Shri Gurudas Kamat as their Member of Parliament. Soon after the elections Mr. Kamat organized two separate meetings with the Chief Minister and representatives of approximately 3500 tribals living within the precincts of Aarey Milk Colony and got a special budget of Rs 2 crores sanctioned through which water connection, toilet facilities, pathways and NOC for providing electricity has been approved and works have been initiated and several of them have been completed.

A 100 acre plot in this area was sanctioned for setting up a Commando training Center by the Government of Maharashtra with the collaboration and funding by the Central Government. Mr. Kamat has got a scheme approved for providing free education and free medical aid for the children of the Adivasis in the school and the hospital which would come up for the commandos.


Besides this, a total area of 23 Acres, on which the tribals have been growing rice over several decades and which would have been denied to them due to the opening of the much needed Commando Center, alternate area of 23 acres within Aarey Milk Colony has been assured to them thanks to the efforts of Shri Gurudas Kamat. Necessary recommendations in this regard from the Collector have been sent to the Government. The present State Government has unfortunately reversed this decision.


Withdrawl of Diesel Price Hike for Fishermen
Diesel Price Hike of Rs 11.50 was imposed on Fisherman (who were categorized as Bulk Consumers) recently, which had a nation-wide reaction against the hike. The Fishermen from Versova, along with their leaders from all over Maharashtra met Mr Kamat on January 18th, 2013 and pleaded with him to take up the issue. Mr. Kamat met Mr. Veerappa Moily, Hon'ble Union Minister for Petroleum, in Jaipur and in Delhi, and represented the plight of the Fishing Community. Several important leaders of the Congress Party including the Vice-President Shri Rahul Gandhi and Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Prithviraj Chavan also took up the issue and as a result, the Fishing Community was shifted to the General Category and they were saved from the burden of the hike.